Dr. Ernie von Schilling

If you look in Dr. Ernie von Schilling’s grade 12 year-book, under the question of what are you going to be, it will tell you exactly what he became… a chiropractor.

Dr. von Schilling with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, one of Chiropractic's greatest advocates

Dr. Ernie & Delia von Schilling with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, one of Chiropractic’s greatest advocates

Dr. Ernie von Schilling was born in the Comox Valley and when he was 13 years old he woke up paralyzed from the waist down. “My Dad carried me into the chiropractor’s office that very day and I walked out, I didn’t run out but I walked out.” recalled Dr. von Schilling. The paralysis was a result of severely pinched nerves in his back due to scoliosis. Dr. von Schilling said the chiropractic care did more than correct the scoliosis; it also helped him as an athlete. “I was more balanced, stronger and more coordinated.”

The whole chiropractic experience inspired von Schilling to pursue it as a career. “I was really impressed, as you can imagine. I thought if I could just help one kid, as I have been helped, it would be amazing.”

After several years of study, Dr. von Schilling returned to the North Island and went on to practice in both Port McNeil and Courtenay. In December 2002 he moved into his current location downstairs in the City Centre Mall on Duncan Avenue and 5th Street.

Dr. von Schilling said “For myself to keep my health and nervous system functioning at optimum level, I follow my 5 steps to a healthy life and I get a weekly Chiropractic treatment”. Chiropractic changed my life at 13 and I became the fastest runner on the North Island and a basketball player winning the Island. I have had some back problems so that I do understand pain when I reputured a disc lifting a freezer.