New Patients

Explaining your spine

Explaining your spine

New patients are always welcome to our chiropractic office. We strive to offer you an evaluation time as soon as possible. We offer select times during the day for new patient evaluations.

Your Health History

To provide our office with a complete history of your health and current condition, we have an extensive new patient intake form. The doctors will use this during your examination to find the true cause of your discomfort. Many times events years before can return to affect your current health status.

Complete Evaluation

On your first visit to the office, the doctors will review your history, perform a Posture Screen, complete a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination and, if required, request additional tests or X-Rays.

Results of Tests

Once the doctor has reviewed the information and results from the examination, they will meet with you to discuss their findings, what phase of health you are in and , a treatment plan may be provided for you to review.

If both you and the doctor agree on the course of care provided, your first adjustment can be performed.